Anyone stayed at the Wilderness Lodge recently?

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Anyone stayed at the Wilderness Lodge recently?

We just booked our upcoming January trip to WDW. We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. Yay! Haven't been there since 2009. My DH and I stayed in the villas section in a studio room which was lovely. This time we are taking the kids and have a woodland view room from main building. Cannot wait! This resort is so majestic! It just takes your breath away when you drive up to it. Just wondering if there have been any recent changes or updates to this resort? Thanks!

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Following along as we'll be there in January as well. Can't wait!! mickey


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Not sure if there have been any changes. They roast marshmallows at night at before the movie then the Electrical Water Pageant stops by later. They might have changed over to the new refillable mugs.

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We stayed in June and it's just as lovely as ever. There are freshly made doughnuts at the Territory Lounge now mickey and some menu changes at Whispering Canyon.
Have you been over to the Wilderness Lodge Fan Site recently?

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Hi Kristen! No, I need to check that out.

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I walked thru at christmas......breathtaking decorations......

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I've never stayed there but since we are getting DVC it's on my list awesome
I can't wait to hear what you think and hopefully see some pictures hint hint wink

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We were there in October and it was wonderful as always. We had a wonderful time with the grandkids.

The newest thing for us, and it's really not new but the first time we asked, was collecting the transportation cards from the boats, monorails, and buses. The boat captain for WL was especially helpful. He took time to give the kids and myself one copy of each of the boats; he had them all...ferries included.

You can also buy the Mickey Mouse silly straws at Roaring Forks (not available for individual sale anywhere else) for about 60 cents each; you can get the straws in other places, but you usually have to order a drink or cupcake. I kind of 'freak' the CM out when I go in because I buy anywhere from 40 to 100...depending on how many classes I'm buying them for.'s our favorite resort. We'll be back there in September.

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We'll be checking in at VWL on the 29th!! Can't wait - first time seeing the world at Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! mickey

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Three more days, nhshorty! Have a great trip! mickey

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Just checked in after getting off the Dream. The cruise was excellent!!!!!! Tons of pictures. Resting a bit before heading to EPCOT.

oh, yeah.... Wilderness Lodge looks great!

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WE were just there for two day , Christmas day and day after. Resort was great as always , has always been our favorite place to stay. We had a courtyard view room # 6139. Room was in great shape , no complaints. One difference since our last stay was that entranceways , sink area , and bathrooms have been tiled to look like wood planks. Very nice touch. Christmas decorations were beautiful as always

Have a great time. You'll love WL !!!!



King Fergus

Well we have booked our first stay here in Oct 12th till 25th....Our first deluxe stay ( due to 40% off ) Typical Scotsman, always looking for a bargain..LOL..Can't wait...Well I can come to think of it...I need to start saving my dimes...