Artymis's Thank Heavens the Shutdown is over November Pre-trip Report

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Artymis's Thank Heavens the Shutdown is over November Pre-trip Report

Hello all!

My name is Deanna and I am brand new to posting here, but I've been a silent lurker for quite a while. I feel like I know many of you. lol I am planning a trip to WDW for November 11-16. yay

Allow me to introduce myself! I am a thirty-something federal employee originally from FL who now resides in the great state of Louisiana. awesome I am married to an amazing guy named Austin and I have three great kids ages 9, 11 and 15.

When this trip originally began to be planned about a year ago, it was only going to be Austin and I going on second honeymoon of sorts. He has NEVER been to Disney before. I have been 5 times previously. Unexpectedly I lost my mom in January. My older brother (who has also NEVER been to Disney) lived next door to her, and was really struggling with it. He and I have always been close, but we have gotten really close since her passing. Anywho, I invited him to come with us and so now I have two Disney virgins to take. biggrin Then my oldest decided to live with me full time (I share custody with my ex.) So he will also be going with us, as we cannot leave him home for a week alone. lol Also, his birthday is the following week, so this has also become his sweet 16 party of sorts. He's been to Disney 3 times before so he is also looking forward to showing the newbies around. muchlove

Plans to come in the next post!!

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Here are our plans thus far:

We (DS, DH, and I) will leave LA on Sunday the 10th after we drop my babies off with their dad sad. We will then head to FL. It will be late when we leave (around 5 CST) so we will stop when we get too tired (I assume around Mobile or Pensacola). We will then drive to my brother's house in the FL panhandle on Monday morning, pick him up and then make the rest of the journey to WDW. biggrin

We are using my timeshare points at Wyndham Bonnet Creek for 5 nights. We have a 2 bed, 2 bath condo with full kitchen. Once we get there and unpack, I plan on taking my hungry guys to DTD to experience the Earl of Sandwich! Yum!! I also want to pick up our park tickets this afternoon.

Tuesday is MK day. ADR lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern.
Wednesday is HS. ADR lunch at SCi-Fi Dine In.
Thursday is Epcot. ADR lunch at Teppan Edo.
Friday is AK. ADR lunch at Yak and Yeti.

Breakfasts will be in the room, and dinner will be TBD. We will make the long trek back home on Saturday, the 16th. sad


welcome Artymis. My condolences to your family about your Mother. Sounds like a great trip!

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welcome so glad you decided to join in! That sounds like a great trip! Those some of my favorite restaurants.

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Welcome. Sounds like a great trip you have planned.


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stars stars welcome stars stars Please accept our heart left condolences what a blessing to have a strong family tie in times of loss. Great ADR's.


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Sounds great Deanna and Welcome !

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Welcome, and I too add my condolences. You have picked some of my favorite eats too. mickey

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welcome Deanna to the best Disney blog. I also send my condolences on the loss of your Mother.

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Welcome! I am so sorry about your mothers passing. It is so good that you are taking your brother with you to Disney.
It will be a wonderful place to let loose and enjoy your family.

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Welcome! Sounds like a great trip! I hope you'll share your trip with us after you get home!


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Sounds like fun! We will be there at the same time and I'm getting SO EXCITED!!!!


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Welcome Deanna! Big hugs to your family for the troubles you've been through recently. Hoping you have a magical trip!
I loved Yak & Yeti. HUGE portions, so be warned. DH had the Kobe burger and I did the Malaysian seafood curry. DELISH!!
Also make sure to get the fried wontons for dessert. They were awesome! My favorite dessert of the entire trip.

Try to get your fam to wear the first trip buttons. My DH had one of those & we had anniversary buttons on. When we went in AK, a CM brought us to the middle of the entry area and drew us a Goofy and a Minnie Mouse on the ground with water and her broom. A huge crowd gathered and she made a big deal out of our anniversary and my DH's first trip - got the crowd cheering for us and all that. It was truly a magical moment for us. She told us any of the custodial staff can do those drawings so maybe you could snag someone and set it up if noone approaches you.

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welcome Deanna to our happy forum. Sincerest synpathies on the loss of you mother. I am sure you will have a fantastic trip to WDW. sounds like a great plan.


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welcome and congrats on your trip! Yak & Yeti is one of my favorite restaurants, you'll love it! The Kobe beef burger is not to be missed!

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I know- I'm late

stars Hello Artymis!!! Welcome to the forums stars

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welcome to the group and my condolences on your loss.


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