Be Our Guest Restaurant: Sneak Peek!

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Be Our Guest Restaurant: Sneak Peek!

I'm so excited for the Be Our Guest Restaurant! Here's a sneak peek video!

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That is incredible! Cannot wait for this to open. I fear though it may be a tough one to book but maybe that will free up the harder to get into restaurants now?

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I just talked to my Dad about this and were gonna go for it if it opens when we will be down in November. He told me to keep an eye out for when reservations start up... so I'm counting on everyone here to announce it! lol


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I hoping for an ADR there during my trip in November.

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Any info on what type of food it will serve yet?


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Oooh...We will be there over Thanksgiving so I hope to hear more about this place!


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Pretty. Magical. Love it!

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Tony wrote:
Any info on what type of food it will serve yet?

Not yet! I am dying to know! Oh, this is going to be so spectacular! I am crazy excited about this expansion!

Do you think you'll prefer table service, counter service, or Gaston's Tavern more?


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I can't wait to visit!! I don't think it will be open before we head back home though Sad


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The first part of Fantasyland with the Dumbo rides is set to open tomorrow! So I will get so see it Wednesday when we are at MK!

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I am excited to see this restaurant. I loved Beauty and the Beast as a child and have really enjoyed watching my kids fall in love with it. It won't be open when we go in May but maybe by next year the newness will have wore off and we will get an adr. If not then maybe it will open adr for Cinderella's Castle and Ohana.


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Praying this will be ready for my upcoming trip! It looks amazing and I love the fact it's going to be both counter service AND sit down dining!


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So exited for this... Beauty and the beast is one of our daughters favorites so like Mase said... We are hoping it will be ready by our trip in November


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So... did anyone else notice the Hidden Mickey in the Mountain? They gave it a close up! Quick, someone call Steve!