Best Resort for a 2 single guys????

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Best Resort for a 2 single guys????

Me and a buddy will be in Tampa for business in Nov. Gonna drive over to Disney for a few days.............Was wondering what Disney property would be best for us. Being close to Downtown wouldn't be bad but looking for the right hotel.........................Also, any ideas on where to go during the evening hours, where a couple single guys could have fun? ;o) Thanks in advance.....

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Hi there! I think the right resort depends on how much you want to spend. If you want to go with a Value Resort, then I would recommend Pop Century. It has a very fun, casual feel to it. If you want to up the spend and go with a Moderate Resort, I've stayed at Coronado Springs before and had a great time. The Pepper Market is yummy and there is a great lounge. I've actually never stayed at any of the resorts at Downtown Disney, but I'm sure somebody on this forum has and can chime in. No matter where you stay...if you're on a Disney property, you'll have a great time.