Best Seafood at Disney

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Best Seafood at Disney

So, as a follow-up to my recently ask question about who has the best steaks at Disney, let's get y'alls view on who has the Best Seafood at Disney. awesome My DW is a South Louisiana Girl and loves her SEAFOOD, and we do have some of the world's best seafood here in the greater New Orleans area, imho. So as I stated in my last post, My family and I will be at WDW in less than three weeks and are really excited about our trip. We've booked dinner reservations at the Brown Derby and Yachtsman's Steakhouse, but now I'm scrambling to find a good seafood place to make my DW happy.. Any and all input y'all might provide would be most helpful. Scallops and Shrimp are her two favorites, and also she enjoys a good Tuna, Halibut or Salmon filet. Thanks again!! mickey awesome


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The "Flying Fish" on the Boardwalk is about as good as it gets. In my opinion best in WDW.


King Fergus

Yep,good choice Vettelover..I'd also give Fultons a vote...

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We booked Narrcoossee because the Lobster looks incredible! muchlove


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We've never eaten at a Disney World restaurant that specialized in seafood, but we've had some great seafood at Teppan Edo (swordfish and scallops) and at Yak and Yeti (Malaysian seafood curry and ahi tuna).

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Cape May located inside the Beach Club resort has amazing Snow Crab Legs, Mussels, and Clams.

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Also being originally from the Gulf Coast, you will not find any fresh seafood that compares to what you already have in your backyard. Now that we live in NC, I miss that a lot!

I've eaten at Fulton's years ago, but it receives so-so reviews on most Disney forums.

Coral Reef - Food is not really seafood in my opinion, unless you consider lobster pasta in that category. I was underwhelmed with the offerings. Most of it was fresh water catch and nothing to jump up and dance about.

I've heard Flying Fish is excellent, but haven't eaten there.

Most of the time, we don't look for a seafood restaurant while visiting the world. Mainly because I grew up eating fresh salt water catch almost three times per week so I know I will not get anything better than that!

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The Flying Fish is one of our must do restaurants now (usually the day we arrive), and there is a wide selection there. Now, if I have the choice between seafood and beef/chicken, I will almost always choose the beef/chicken dish and I quite enjoy their signature snapper dish. But as Eeyore notes, it probably doesn't come close to what you are used to.

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We tried the Flying Fish once but haven't gone back. Not that it was bad, because it wasn't, but we are from the Seattle area and are also used to pretty good seafood, and for us, Flying Fish was just OK, not quite outstanding. The seafood we've had at Citricos, Narcoossee's, and even Jiko was all really good, too. Just not. . . That special cut above we've had closer to home.

I'd be sure to check the menus - look for the seasonal catch. . . We did have a beautiful tilefish at Citricos once, and killer crab cake appetizer and a scallop main at Narcoossee's, but both times, it was the fresh, seasonal catch.

Good luck!!


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The only sea food I've tried was at Chef de France.


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Kona has an awesome Togarashi Spiced Ahi Tuna served with Tempura Fried Vegetable Maki Roll and Red Wine Reduction. Their scallops are great too and usually have an excellent sustainable fish.

Narcoossee's has had excellent lobster & scallops.

Flying Fish always got my vote, but the service we had last time was less then stellar. Waiter kept putting down the Cali. Saying how bad it is. Didn't get a good tip. He was really trying to trash them.

Fulton's , we are giving it another try this trip, but ever since they started taking the dining plan, the reviews really went down hill, and I will say, the time we have been there since they started raking the DP, it will never be as good as it used to be which is really sad.

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I used to go to Flying Fish each visit (10 years ago) - loved the food but didn't love the noise level. Maybe now that I'm old wheelchair I won't be able to hear/notice the noise as much......

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Bluezoo at the Dolphin if not on dining plan. My next choice would be Flying Fish, as the NY strip is excellent as well.

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I totally forgot to mention Olivia's at Old Key West. They've got a nice seafood menu. The conch fritters are awesome, and I tried grouper there for the first time and thought it was very tasty.