The Chew

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The Chew

This week's episodes of The Chew will be in Walt Disney World.


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Yay! I can't wait to watch! yay

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They were filming while we were there. Of course you couldn't see a thing. They did sponsor some very good booths.


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The taping started before the World Showcase opened and they needed an audience. Cue the show's support staff and families which just happened to be at WDW for the week. They made up a good portion of the audience seated closest to the stage. They also had a big bash with all the fixings for them at AK. That's why Harambe Market and DinoLand closed early on Sat night. It was a great night.

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Actually my friend said that her and a friend were able to be in the audience for that. Also one of my friends got to perform on that episode of The Chew.