Disney Movies at Marcus Theaters

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Disney Movies at Marcus Theaters

Marcus Theaters is running a special program right now where they are re-running some big name Disney movies (Tangled, Jungle Book, etc) for 3 or 4 days at a time. The first one they started with.....THE LITTLE MERMAID. This was the first movie I saw in theaters almost 26 years ago, and Sunday I took my daughter Penny to it for her first movie. Magical Disney memories in the making and I just had to share muchlove

Apologies for the poor picture quality

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that's awesome


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Awww...how adorable. What a great memory to share. Maybe she'll continue the tradition with her daughter.


~ Barb ~

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That is so sweet and it's the kind of fact that children love to share with their parents. That movie will forever be extra special to you both. muchlove