COVID19 Disney restaurant closures & food donations

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COVID19 Disney restaurant closures & food donations


Katie called me crying last night as she walked out of Terralina for an unknown amount of time. Today the chefs are working to pack everything up. They'll freeze what product they can, and then everything else is being donated to the food bank.

Katie is not doing OK. Not many of these young kids that moved thousands of miles from home to follow their Disney Dreams are not doing OK. Most of the operating partner staff are not getting any sort of pay while WDW is closed. They are scared that they have been exposed simply due to the nature of their workplace. They are without their families. Friends who formed support systems are being split apart. Katie's best friend's parents made her go home yesterday, which means Katie is on her own. I told her to get in her car and come back here for a visit, but she won't because she doesn't want to run the risk that she has been exposed and will get our family sick.

I'm glad that Disney is donating the excess product they can, but I'm worried about all of these young people.