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Because the park was so crowded and we were fatigued after a week of vacation, I think we left Epcot once we had finished eating. Back at the Boardwalk I got my packing done so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. Departure day was scheduled for Sunday. I imagine hubby and I ate something else along the way but whatever it was, it did not involve the Food and Wine Festival and was not particularly memorable.

Our biggest meet-up of the Big Meet-Up was scheduled for this evening at the Top of the World Lounge. Several of us met in the Bay Lake lobby and DVC members escorted nonmembers upstairs. The lounge had a fair few people in it when our group arrived, but we managed to find a table over by the windows and then gradually took over neighboring tables as they were vacated, so as our group expanded so did our seating. As the evening progressed we had to guard that seating carefully. Several times people came over to ask if we were using all the chairs - are you REALLY using all those chairs? People would get up and wander to the other end of our long row of tables to talk to people, or to go downstairs to fetch newly arriving non-DVC members, which frequently left a few chairs empty, but yes were were still using all those chairs! Alicemouse has group photos so you can see how large our party became. Our group included most of the cruisers and several other forum members, and while I can name most of them there are a couple of folks whose real names I remember but can't recall what their forum usernames are, so instead I will let others report their attendance in their own trip reports.

Poor Robynprincess was having a terrible day of it. Her mother, who had been feeling poorly the whole trip, finally got so bad she had to go to the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Simon came by Top of the World to bring some cakes and cookies they had purchased for the evening, then later he left to fetch Robyn from the hospital. But of course her thoughts were with her mother, who had to stay at least a couple of nights in the hospital.

Because hubby and I were scheduled to check out and head for home Sunday, I decided to forgo alcoholic libations this evening and instead got a virgin mojito, which they call a "nojito." Bleah. Never get a virgin anything. If you need not to drink, just get a freaking Coke or something that's not supposed to have liquor in it.

By the time Wishes began, I think everyone who was planning to attend had arrived. Some went out onto the balcony to watch, while others of us stayed inside and watched through the window. And then, after a little more time with the group, hubby and I decided we'd better walk back to Magic Kingdom and catch the bus to the Boardwalk. I chased down our poor waitress, paid our bill, included a huge tip for the poor girl, and solidified plans with Alicemouse to meet at Hollywood Studios for Morning Extra Magic Hours so we could ride Toy Story Mania without a long wait.

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Sunday, October 23 - Oops.

In the middle of the night I suddenly took ill. Felt horribly nauseous with bad vertigo. Yechh. At some point, forget exactly when, I texted Alicemouse to cancel the DHS meet-up. Hubby and I got up, gathered our stuff, and went down to airline check in to drop off our checked luggage and then to bell services to leave our carry-on bags until the Tragical Express was due to pick us up. The day's plans were to go back to Epcot for a little more Food and Wine grazing, but I quickly realized I could not handle it. Every minute I was feeling worse and worse. I tried sitting in the lobby, then went downstairs to a covered patio and tried sitting in some unfortunately uncomfortable chairs down there. Hubby brought me a croissant and a Coke from the Boardwalk Bakery, but I could barely eat a bite and the Coke did not help at all. Eventually I asked hubby to go to the desk and ask if there was someplace I could lie down for a bit. And they gave me a room. On the hotel side, so now I know what they look like. No photos, but in some ways the Boardwalk Inn rooms are nicer than the Boardwalk Villas studios - the bathroom sink and vanity area is much nicer, and I think the furniture looked somewhat nicer as well. So I napped while hubby took one more swing through Food and Wine.

Meanwhile, I managed to sleep a bit and then woke up thinking I felt better and would be all right. Wrong. As soon as I got up to go to the bathroom the vertigo came back big-time. There was no way I was flying anywhere. So I called Southwest Airlines to reschedule my flight until the next day, then called the front desk to ask if I could have the room I was using for the night (assuming that since I was already in the room it must not have been booked). Rearranging the flight was easy enough; booking the room slightly less so since they had to connect me with someone in what they called the back office to get it done. Later we learned that the room was actually a model room that they show prospective guests and usually isn't booked at all. Whatever. They let me stay.

By the time hubby returned he knew what was up because he got an email from Southwest about my reschedule flight. He bought me a six-pack of Coca Cola (I asked for a couple of bottles, but the six-pack was cheaper), again made sure I had everything I needed, and headed out to catch the Tragical Express without me. This was around 3:00 in the afternoon.

I slept some more, eventually woke up feeling somewhat less horrible, and managed to prop myself up in bed and watch Disney movies on TV for a bit before I went back to sleep for the night.

And on to Monday, October 24, when I should have been home but instead was still at Disney World.

I woke up feeling half-decent Monday morning - not awesome, but well enough to get around. I got myself ready to start the day while wondering what I could do until 2:00, when I was scheduled to board the Tragical Express. I didn't quite feel up to highly seasoned food, so I knew I had to skip Food and Wine. I did finally manage to finish off the croissant hubby bought me the previous day and also drank some more Coke, although I ended up leaving most of the six-pack for mousekeeping, hope they enjoyed it. A decision as to what to do came quickly enough - I posted on the Big Meet-up Facebook page that I was still at WDW, and Robyn almost immediately asked me to meet them in Magic Kingdom. Wouldn't be for long; they had Be Our Guest at noon and I had the bus to catch, but yay, I got to spend a little more time with my BBFFs (best British friends forever). I found them in the hub in front of the castle, Robyn, Simon, and Robyn's parents' foster son whose name I have forgotten but who was very nice. We headed over to Tomorrowland; Robyn and I rode the Peoplemover while Simon and the kid did Space Mountain. Then we all rode the Peoplemover again; then I walked them over to Be Our Guest and we said our goodbyes. Hugs all around. I even hugged the kid. Not sure he was horribly crazy about that.

By now I have gone maybe 36 hours eating nothing but one croissant spread out over a full day, and I was feeling it. Hoped I could dash into Casey's quickly, but the lines were too long, so I caught a bus back to the Boardwalk and hit the little burger shack in front of the Italian restaurant. Should have gone there Friday night after Jellyrolls. The burger was absolutely nothing special, but it was still better than the pizza I got at the pizza window.

After eating, I picked up my backpack from bell services and made my way to the Magical Express stop even though I still had half an hour before my bus arrived. A bus was sitting there; I asked if it was the 2:00 bus just to be sure. It wasn't, but the bus driver kindly let me ride. Not that this made a huge difference, just let me spend an extra half hour at the airport instead of at the resort. And thus ended my time at the Big Meet-Up.

Hubby picked me up at the airport, since he'd taken our car home the previous day. Poor guy; he was sicker than I was by the time my flight landed. He had a cold, not whatever I had, but it was a bad one, bad enough to make him miss three days of work that week. As for me, although I felt half-decent Monday, by Tuesday I felt horrid again, and was off and on horrid for the rest of the week. Don't know what bug I got but hope I never get it again.

But aside from getting sick, we both loved the Big Meet-Up and enjoyed meeting, or meeting again, every one of you. We hope we can do it all again someday.

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Yay for an extra day in Disney but so sorry you got so sick! Feeling ill on vacation is the absolute worst. sad

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I have no clue what that last pic is either and it is driving me crazy!! LOL

The meet up was a great time and I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully we can do the cruise portion next time!


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What a fab trip you had up until the end sad Sorry you weren't feeling well. Thank you for sharing I love how much detail you put in and the pictures from the cruise part mickey

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Just catching up great report but bad for feeling poorly sad sounds like you had a fantastic time and really enjoyed reading along!