Dave and Kate's No Kids Allowed WDW Trip!

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Dave and Kate's No Kids Allowed WDW Trip!

Hi there!

My name is Kate. My husband of 6 years is Dave. Together we are the proud parents of a DD (3.5 y/o) and a DS (2 y/o). They are 17 months apart and that officially makes us craaaaazy. Smile We'll call them Sofia and Jake.

I'm a seasoned Disney traveller, having gone 10 times as a child with my parents and sister. One of my (half)brothers worked parade crowd contro at MK for 5 years and my other half brother just took a job in reservations and performed in the choir during the Candlelight Procesional! We kinda like Disney...Smile

I took my husband for his first trip 3 years ago this January. Since that original trip (6 days at POFQ), we have spent 2 days after a wedding at CS (with a 1.5 year old and a 4 month old...ugh) and June 2012 we spent a week at POR. That trip was a performance trip. I own a dance studio and we are now going every 2-3 years to perform with Disney Performing Arts. That was my FAVORITE trip ever. Being surrounded by my family, my extended family and 100 people from my dance studio just made it awesome. It was always a delight to get off a ride, turn a corner, sit down for a parade and stumble on people from home. So fun!

That being said...this January (2 weeks and 6 days!), Dave and I decided we needed a little adults only birthday/anniversary/vacation. We need some R&R in a place we are familiar with and a place we know we don't have to worry about planning new things at. (Isn't it crazy that planning ADRs exactly 180 days in advance and making touring plans doesn't stress me out, but the idea of trying to go to the Bahamas or on a cruise gives me serious anxiety? DISNEY FOR LIFE. Smile)

Here's what our plan looks like right now:

Jan 24: 8:00 am: flight leaves! We are set to arrive at MCO right around 1:00. We'll ME it right over to Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. This is our first time renting DVC points. We rented through Stay At WDW and it was a really easy, smooth process. I'm really looking forward to the more quiet atmosphere KV seems to offer. My husband is thrilled at the prospect of staying in a Deluxe. We didn't think that would happen for a loooong time. Wink
After check in we're going to do DHS.

Jan 25: Rope Drop at AK! We love Rope Drop. Then we're planning either Evening at MK or EPCOT, depending on if we feel like drinking around the world before Illuminations or relaxing with Wishes and the light parade.

Jan 26: My husband's birthday! MK all day and then dinner at Bluezoo and some time at DTD, shopping and having cocktails.

Jan 27: DHS in the morning, if we want to. EPCOT in the afternoon and evening for drinking around the world and illuminations.

Jan 28: HOME. Sad

It's so weird only having one ADR this trip. But honestly, we didn't want to be too tied down to a schedule. This is our rough game plan. We are planning to sleep in when we want, go back and take naps when we want...just take it easy. We're calling it our Disney's Greatest Hits trip! No pressure to ride [i]every ride[/i] this time around. We will be back in June, 2014 for another dance trip. We'll have the kiddos, my parents, my sister and her husband, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 4 cousins and well over 100 dancers and family members with us...that's the trip for ADRs and rushing. Not this one. Rest relaxation and romance. Smile

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Hello, welcome and...AWESOME PLANS!!!!

yay yay yeah stars yeah yay yay

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welcome Kate. Your plans look super and there is nothing wrong in just taking easy. You and DH deserve it!

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Love your super relaxed plans! clapping Have a great time!

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welcome Kate!


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That's great Kate - you're there when I'm there for my friends 50th yeah

We go 24-29 Jan and yes child free so exited (we do miss them though)
I too for the first time am looking forward to a drink In Every country round the world showcase Wink

Have lot n lots n lots of fun



x Karen x

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stars Welcome Kate! stars

Sounds like a great trip! I love ditching the kids for a little alone time with my DH.

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Thanks everyone! We are really looking to the whole trip...the closer it gets, the more excited we get. It's a much needed trip. I think it's so important for parents to take time away, just the two of them. Even if it's not an elaborate vacation, time without kids here or there helps my husband and I appreciate our kids a little extra. Smile

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Welcome to this awesome little community! mickey Can't wait to hear all about it--especially your tips for keeping it relaxed and low-key; we're going for my honeymoon in May and I'm very much a go-go-go vacationer but don't want to burn my poor fiance out on the first day!


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