Did My Disney Experience Kill Spontaneity at Disney World?

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Did My Disney Experience Kill Spontaneity at Disney World?

AllEars.net had a recent post that addresses the popular old question of Did My Disney Experience Kill Spontaneity at Disney World?


I think that like me, most of us on the board are big planners, so having to schedule out months in advance isn't too much of a challenge. However on my last two trips we made the decision to go to WDW just two month or less before we were going to be there. In addition, for both trips we didn't have ticket media until our arrival. This means that I've been touring in a much more "fly by the seat of my pants" type of manner. Because of this I have absolutely been feeling the crush of having to wait an excessively long time in stand-by lines, or not being able to get an ADR that I most wanted. As a long-time Disney traveler I can easily reroute myself to an alternative. However, I think that if I was a first-timer that didn't know how important pre-planning is I would be up a very expensive creek without a paddle.

What are your best tips for spur of the moment Disney trips and how to reroute yourself if Plan A just doesn't work?

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We took a "last minute" trip in July last year, booking at about 6 weeks out which for us is VERY last minute. My biggest advice would be to be flexible and to keep. Checking. The. App. If you have a restaurant you have your heart set on, be willing to eat at off times and check the app a couple of days out up until that 24 hour in advance mark when people are cancelling to avoid those penalties. Lounges are also great for a last minute trip because they are first come, first serve and you can normally order off the menu from an adjacent sit down. Landry's rewards membership may also be worth an investment. I think it costs like $20 or $25 but you get that back in a credit to use at one of their restaurants, and membership gets you a walk up table at places like Yak & Yeti quickly. Focus more on rope drops to get in those headliner attractions (get that at least 1/2 hr to 45 min before the park opens so you're a the head of the pack) vs. putting such an emphasis on FastPasses, and refresh refresh refresh in the app to snag some day-of FastPasses.

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"leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." " Walt Disney "

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My parents and I went to Hollywood Studios on a whim a couple weeks ago, we were able to complete all of the toy story rides. We did set up a DAS for Slinky Dog though but waited for the rest. I kept checking for fastpasses but nothing we wanted was available. Then we also went standby for Fantasmic. Even with the legacy fastpasses, we wouldn't be able to get on Toy Story Midway Mania with a fastpass unless someone gave theirs up. It really depends on your expectations when you randomly go.

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Depending on the size of your party, try for 1 FP at time and keep adjusting times so they over lap. We have done great doing that.