Different Resorts by Length of Stay?

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Different Resorts by Length of Stay?

Would you guys pick a different resort based on how long you were staying, or are you favorites always your favorites? For us, the longer we're staying the more likely we are to stay at Coronado Springs. It's reasonably priced and so much easier to deal with a car there.

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With us being dvc members. It's the same all the time because of the points we purchased. I know my dad and I are looking into buying 20 or so more points eventually to be able to do more. But for the next 8 years or so... Were stuck with what we have. Lol


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We probably would. A long weekend might result in a splurge to a deluxe, but a week or more would find us at a moderate because I have a hard time justifying the expense vs. other things I could spend the money on. But we do tend to switch up the moderates and rotate which one we stay at each time.

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My wallet definitely has some opinions on which resorts make sense if we're staying for a longer trip. laugh

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We always go for 7 days, it's too far to go for less and we can't take more time off for that. With that said, it's usually Pop for us because it's the cheapest and has it's own bus service. Since we really only sleep in our room, it doesn't matter too much to pay more. Though we did split a stay once and stay at AKL which was nice.


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We usually set a budget (say $2000 for everything) and go with what will allow us the most amount of days for the best price...including the amount of time we can stay as well.
That being said we usually take longer trips to the values..


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For longer trips we do value resorts, shorter trips we do moderates!