The Disney logo

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The Disney logo

Anyone watched the movies and noticed the many variations of the Disney logo before the movie started? Well wonder no more, as all of the variations over the past 30 years have been collected together in one clip by Ethan Jones:


It's a nice little collection and I have to admit, I can't remember seeing all of them - not that I've seen every single movie that has had a variation


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I notice when I watch any of my disney dvd's that span several years. It's a bit like when you see the touchstone logo from 80's films that I grew up with.

I love logos in general and love to see how brands have developed over the years, some change only slightly where some are barely recognisable from the original. (For better or worse)

That's for sharing Sid-man

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I haven't seen half those movies, so had no idea how often they changed the logo. Love the Inspector Gadget one.



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Is it sad that I have seen all those movies? My favorites were Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch has a glitch, and Inspector Gadget.

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I noticed they use different logos, but it is cool seeing them all. I really like the POTC logo, just the change of color is such a simple effect that goes a long way!


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Neat! My fave is the Pirates logo!


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That's a lot of logos laugh

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Awesome. Really cool to see all the different variations of the Disney Pictures logo.


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