Disney Nature

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Disney Nature

So me and hubby started watching African Cats tonight and it is so good....We are gearing up for seeing Chimpanzee and I also made hubby get Earth and Oceans to watch to. It's amazing how indepth and human like these animals are. It's amazing seeing them in their natural habitat. Have you guys seen any of the Disney Nature movies and what did you think?


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I've seen Earth and Oceans. I really want to see Cats. The 2 that I saw were really beautiful and all around great to watch! What are your favs?


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I haven't seen any but I can't wait to see Chimpanzee!

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I highly recommend African Cats. That was a great flick. Very sad at time. I will say I cant look at my cats the same. I feel like they are hunting me now..... eek


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I saw Earth and Oceans as well. Cats and Chimpanzees just don't quite capture my imagination.

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African Cats was incredible! My kids were so engrossed in it (we saw at theater), they never got up to go the bathroom! They waited till film was over then made a mad dash to the restroom......LOL! LOVED IT! Sad parts, but that is nature - not always kind.