A Great Read

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A Great Read

I recently finished a GREAT book for WDW fans. Its called 'The Vault of Walt.' "Unofficial, unauthorized, uncensored Disney stories never told." When I first read those words I thought to myself great, another book about scandals about Walt, trying to tarnish his reputation... I then read a few pages and the index and realized it was the fun stories this book was telling. The book is broken into 4 sections. Walt's Stories containing chapters like "Horsing Around: Walt and Polo," and "Walt's 30th Wedding Anniversary." The second section is Disney Film Stories. Followed by Disney Park Stories, and The Other Worlds Of Disney Stories. I loved this book! muchlove It had so many fun stories! I definetly reccomend it to anyone who likes to read. It definetly gave some great inside stories about Walt, his family, the park, and many other things. I give it 2 thumbs up!

I was also wondering if anyone had any other gread Disney Book selections, I have a few but would love to add to my collection!


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thanks for the recommendation