Disney Puzzles

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Disney Puzzles

Joe and i picked up this Haunted Mansion puzzle at Art of Disney in Epcot a few weeks ago. We finally finished it (and by we, I mean Joe did 998 pieces and I did 2). I'm going to Modge Podge it, frame it and hang it in my Disney themed home office.

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I've done 4 of the Thomas Kinkade ones. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled and Sleeping Beauty. I have a Mickey and Minnie and a Christmas one to do I have 2 framed and still need to hang them in my office. I also have some other random Disney ones that need to be done. One I got from Target and it is all Trading Pins. Just no time. Puzzles do really calm me... I should make time.

Love the Haunted Mansion one!!! Looks great!


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I like puzzles but never take the time to do them. I like the Haunted Mansion one.


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DH and I just started getting into these. We did a Disney Pins one we got off of Amazon (here) and then we got the Haunted Mansion one and another one when we were in WDW in July. Haven't gotten started on it yet, though!

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Here is one we did.

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Hey, we have that one too MrHub!

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I've done 2 of the photo mosaic (Donald and mickey), a tangled one, 4 or 5 Thomas kinkade, a panorama, a couple of Disneyland Paris, and 2 of the signature ones from the parks,

I rotate mine in various frames around the house