Disney Through a Child's eye

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Disney Through a Child's eye

On Sunday I had the pleasure of joining my friend and her little sister who is about 8 years old at Magic Kingdom. It was such a fun day! I never knew how awesome it is to go with a child! She has been to Disney before many times. I really want to borrow a friends young child and just go with them to the parks! That was the best day I've had for a while at the parks!

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You're making me really excited to take my daughter! muchlove

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Can't wait to take our grandbaby when he is a little bit older! muchlove


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I am very excited for next year because we are going with friends who have a 10, 7, and 2 year old. So excited for my first trip with kids. It will be a whole new experience for us. We will actually get a chance to try some character meals. clapping

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I have never gone without a child, but for me seeing her reaction to things is a big part of the excitement for me. I love tuning everything else out and just focusing on the moments with her.