Disneydoc's Spring Break 2015

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JeffC wrote:
Spook wrote:
Also, since your summer trip is cancelled, I think you should add a couple dates to your September trip! We're there until the 21 Wink

Spook the Enabler! Doing what we do best....YES! Add a few days with September! You deserve it Smile

awesome awesome awesome

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Sounds like a great trip! And congrats on the September BLT trip! That will be awesome to be able to walk to MK! Sad to hear the Voices of Liberty are on the stage now. I agree, they are definitely a more intimate performance. When we were there last September they performed outside the front doors of the American Pavilion and we sat on the ground a few feet from them and watched and loved every second. Hoping that change in location is a temporary one! : Sad

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You mentioned the Hub....are they completely done with it or do they still have more work? I thought it wouldn't be done until 2016.