First trip to Disneyland!

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First trip to Disneyland!

So, I'm an absolute fan of WDW and never even put too much thought on a trip do Disneyland...
What happens is this: I'm an exchange student (au pair) and I'll be staying in Burbank, CA for 1 year...So I can't avoid it no longer, lol!

The problem is I DON'T DRIVE. I was thinking about taking the train, arriving in Anaheim mid-morning and staying over the weekend. Do you think taking the train is a good idea? Do you think hotels (I was considering an economic one, since it'll probably be just me) offer shuttle service to and from the train station (I've never heard of that before...)?

I've never gone to any Disney park by myself, so I feel completely helpless...

SAVE ME! Shock


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The metrolink is super easy to use and get around. Also, with a train ticket you can get a city bus ride included and there is one that will drop you off right across the street from the Disneyland entrance. I did this in March and it was very easy. Any of the hotels around the park are good and there are LOTS within walking distance. With a little research it should be a simple and fun trip for you.


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How exciting for you! I think the train will be fine, and you can always pick a hotel for there shuttle service. You are going to have *so* much fun! I adore Disneyland and it's a great park to do on your own. I'm not a good person to ask for cheap hotels, I always stay "on property" even in California. I know that there are lots of options though! awesome