Full Trip Report Coming Soon :)

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Full Trip Report Coming Soon :)

So just wanted to update yall! My family and I got back from WDW on December 27, but I just barely had enough time to pack some bags and head to Chicago on the 29th! I just got back into Houston yesterday and will have just enough time to rest for a day, then pack to go back to school because classes start Monday! BUT there WILL be a full trip report coming soon, complete with pictures! My family had a wonderful first time and were completely in awe the whole time! Anyways, look for an update on this post within the next week, I promise Smile

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mickey

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Sounds great! Looking forward to it! Safe travels back to school awesome


May 2008 CSR mickey

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TD we are all patiently waiting and looking forward to your trip report, waiting waiting Well is it done yet. (just kidding, just kidding) We ALL muchlove trip reports awesome


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Yay! I guess I can wait..I can't wait to hear all about it!


mickey Bella

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Looking forward to reading it! biggrin




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Love trip reports! Can't wait!