On The Go Disney Breakfast

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On The Go Disney Breakfast

Unfortunately I started a bad habit for our Disney day trips. We head out the door at 6:30am, stop at Starbucks, and make it to the park before rope drop. The problem is that we don't really care for the breakfast items at Starbucks, so I started throwing breakfast together to eat on the way.

Here's tomorrow's offering: Quick Bread Cinnamon Rolls. Magic Kingdom, here we come! (Who need Egg McMuffins?)

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Wow! That looks delicious.....and so pretty!!!! Nice cooking awesome

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Dang that just made me hungry ... All you need is the coffee and that is a breakfast of champions


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Looks great. I am not a fan of Starbucks breakfast either...they have like two breakfast sandwiches and cake pops? LOL Who wants that processed junk? I am with you, I will make something myself.

Looks Yummy! Have fun!

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My portable WDW breakfast usually consists of granola bars and a cup of tea before I leave, while I'm showering and such. But those cinnamon rolls look darn good.

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That's so fantastic! I would totally chose one of those mickey

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Wow...these are way better than our Nutrigrain bars or the portable cereal cups we have.


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I wish I could have one of those for breakfast tomorrow!

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Looks good. Why have one cinnamon roll when you can have two? biggrin Who needs breakfast from an overrated chain restaurant anyway? On a different note, to this day, I'm baffled why Taco Bell bothered to join the breakfast battle....


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Looks great! We normally do muffins or granola bars in the room while we're getting ready unless we have an ADR.