Grilled cheese sandwiches at Epcot

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Grilled cheese sandwiches at Epcot

You can get a lot of things at Epcot. Sushi, fish and chips, churros and grey goose slushes. Now you can add grilled cheese to the list. I just discovered that Epcot opened a new kiosk near the Test Track ride.

Interestingly enough, it's called Taste Track and they serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and apparently, it replaced the old Cool Wash Pizza. Grilled cheese seems to be making a comeback these days with so many grilled cheese spots in America. Anyway, they only have three gourmet sandwiches but they also serve tomato bisque soup so you can get the classic combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup. And fyi, there's also regular grilled cheese on the kids menu if any of the gourmet options don't match your tastes or interest.

Here's the sandwiches:

Gruyere with bacon

Fontina and tomato basil

Canadian cheddar with apples


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I'm pretty psyched about this new development. It's going to be tough next park visit is during F&W Festival. Grilled cheese WITH APPLES muchlove or griddled Greek cheese and Scottish scallops on spinach??


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I've been a fan of the grilled cheese and tomato bisque at Beaches and Cream. This sounds good.


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Hmm...Smells good from here.. awesome

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The apple one sounds delicious, but I don't like raisins. Wonder if you can request it on different bread or if they already have them pre-assembled.

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I love a good grown-up grilled cheese! I can't wait to try them here.
*sigh* I need to set up a go fund me for a research trip.

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I'm sorry but the Grown-up Grilled cheese from Captain Cooks at the Poly was the best Grilled Cheese sandwich on property.
From the DFB - Three cheeses " cheddar, Swiss, and Boursin (Boursin!) " melted together on a hearty sunflower bread give this one the perfect marriage of creamy and nutty. It's lovely.

I started making this one at home when I found the recipe, it is delicious.