Guidelines for Posting About Fundraising

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Guidelines for Posting About Fundraising

Hi All!

Since there have been a few folks posting about fundraisers and fundraising here on the forums, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of our guidelines in this area:

Please do not post topics or links requesting support or funds for nonprofit or for-profit endeavors before getting permission first from a moderator or administrator of the site (e.g. MrHub, Vettelover, Kristen K., Admin, or Brad).

We're very excited about your goals, but we need to approve the efforts before allowing the information to be published on our website.

Thanks everyone!
Admin and the WDWFG Team mickey

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Thanks for allowing me to post about my wifes fundraising.Will update that thread with before and after pics on the 2nd May after the event.

P.S. the Mod's are the nicest ones i have met on any Disney site clapping


Howdy Y'all
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Mrferret wrote:

P.S. the Mod's are the nicest ones i have met on any Disney site clapping

Awww shucks... mickey We just try to be fair and treat people with the respect that we want to be treated with as well. The great people in our forums make the job pretty easy on most days.