Happy New Year WDWFG friends!

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Happy New Year WDWFG friends!

stars Hope everyone has a magical 2013 that is full of joy! stars

The first thing I said to DH after it struck midnight was "You do realize that as of now, if we do go to WDW in 2014, that is next year!!" laugh mickey

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"shining at the end of everyday..." LOVE IT!! I used to have it as my ringtone, made me smile every time my phone rang!!
Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year everyone!



Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

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Thanks Becca, same to you, and your family.


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Happy new year everyone


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Happy new year to all my WDWFG friends. May 2013 bring you many magical moments filled with stars pixie dust!

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Happy New Year! yay