Hello Again Everyone!

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Hello Again Everyone!

Hello, It's been quite some time since I've been around and I have had some exciting changes in my life. In 2014 I gave up my work at home job and started doing check in for a group of family Doctors and their PA's I absolutely loved this job. We have gone to Disney every year since our return to the world in 2013 but just this May my husband accepted a new position with the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration FL!!!! So we had two weeks to completely pack up our lives and move south. It was the hardest thing we have ever done, there were a lot of tears as we left PA that morning. We have talked about moving here a few times but never thought it would happen so suddenly. Some good news is we are now AP holders yay and have been to Disney twice already since being down here and since he is working and I'm not (at the moment)I spent a whole morning walking around Disney Springs and have to say I love it there I may have a slight shopping problem Big smile I'm looking forward to catching back up with everyone here biggrin


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Wow and congrats to you both...I think we all need some much needed updated news on Disney Springs so looking forward to you giving us that information. biggrin




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Why you disappear for so long? Hope you'll stick around here now you live practically in WDW.

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welcome Back, glad to see you returning to our happy group.


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congrats That is totally awesome! Glad you're back!

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Nice to see you again.


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Welcome back!

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welcome back!!! so jealous of you living so close to Disney! please keep us updated on all of the goings on I love the look of the new area so much cant wait to see it with my own two eyes!!!

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Welcome back Krystal, nice to see you. mickey