Hello to All We're New and Happy to Be here!!

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Hello to All We're New and Happy to Be here!!

Good afternoon,

My husband has been reading your web page for a while now so I thought I would join in!! We are 50 year-old Disney-a-holics and 1 year old DVC members!! We have visited the parks many times over our 15 years together. He proposed in front of the castle on our 40th birthday trip, and spent our honeymoon there one year later. We enjoy all the parks, tours, and are attending the MNSSHP for the second time and our first Food and Wine Festival in 28 days!!!

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Welcome! So glad you decided to join us. Tell us some of your WDW favorites...characters, restaurants, rides, etc.


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Hello & welcome Glad you found our happy little home here on the web!

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welcome Heidijot to our little piece of Disney heaven. I will be there in 28 days also. mickey

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Hi! heidijot and welcome to our friendly forum. Glad you decided to join us and join in our discissions. mickey Oh! and "Welcome Home" what is your home resort, ours is SSR.


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Glad you joined our group. I love your halloween costumes.


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Engaged in front of the Castle! How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your pictures....and happy 9yr anniversary! congrats

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Thanks for all the welcomes!!!
Our home resort is the Beach club. This trip will be our first stay at the Villa's.
Last September we stayed at Jambo House and loved it!!

Favorite character's...Mine, Evil Queen...Hubby, Kronk
Favorite Ride Magical Express Carousel of Progress
Favorite Restaurant San Angel Inn Boma/Yak and Yeti
Favorite character Meal Cape May B-fast Chef Mickey

So looking forward to our trip!!!


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Welcome Heidi! I have yet to stay at the Beach Club as a DVC member. My home resort is AKL. But I want to try all the DVC resorts at some point. I have until 2057......God willing. mickey


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Hi and welcome Can't wait to hear all about your upcoming trip!

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stars HELLO! stars

So nice to have you on us on the forums as well as read! I look forward to finding out all about your Disney Adventures!

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Welcome, heidijot!

The pictures you posted are awesome!

Lucky you, getting to go to the Food and Wine Festival! Which booth are you looking forward to the most?

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Welcome to the forum! mickey

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welcome welcome welcome


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A lovely tale! the proposal especially!