Here We Go Again!!! YAY!!!!

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Here We Go Again!!! YAY!!!!

I am so so so bad at doing my trip reports, gaah but I have been to Disney last October with my adult brother and sisters and Mom and her new husband and got lots of great advice through here. awesome Then you helped me again when I took my husband and 2 mickey mickey of my 3 boys (the oldest one couldn't join us as he was in college classes he couldn't escape. boo.. Sad( ) when we took a Disney cruise last February as a get away before my hubby departed on a 9 month stint to Afghanistan Puzzled (he's still there and due back in January) and again I got a lot of fabulous ideas thanks to you all! awesome
Now we're back in the planning business! yay My hubby and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary stars (or "12 HAPPY YEARS!" as my husband always says! (It's his favorite joke..) whoopdedoo lol, in August next year and we want to make it BIG!
We love Universal and it has a new Harry Potter section coming out next July that we are uber excited about as we love the Harry Potter section in Islands of Adventure already. The ride inside Hogwarts has to be all of our absolute favorite ride ever! clapping We love cruising! Always have a blast on those! yay Have sailed 5 times now, 1st and last on Disney and the other 3 on Royal Caribbean. We love Disney World, because, well, it's Disney! mickey That should say it all! On our honeymoon 24 years ago date we did a Disney Cruise and Disney World package (back when it was just Disney and Epcot!) We will be taking all 3 boys and we want to make this as exciting and amazing for them as it is for us in celebration of our 25th so we had to sit back and ponder. waiting What to do, what to do.... OMG the 3 clapping yay mickey are all so fab! gaah HOW do we CHOOSE!?!?! Shock It's like picking a favorite child! Impossible! So, after much talking and debating, we finally picked.....
ALL THREE!!! yeah yay stars
We are doing it in just that order! First we will be driving down to Universal where we will be staying 3 nights in the Lowe's Royal Pacific. pillowfight We stayed here once before and it was fantastic. Our travel agent has just been down and saw the beginnings of the Cabana Bay resort and talked to us about booking there. It will be less expensive, but the reason we went back to the Royal Pacific is because in that one, the Portofino and the Hard Rock, you get the unlimited fast pass in the parks. That was invaluable to us last time and we weren't willing to give it up! I loved that hotel anyways so I know it will be great! We'll get down there mid day the first night of our stay and do the village and the pool and maybe catch a show. We did Blue Man Group last time. I didn't think I would be overly impressed. Man was I wrong! Highly recommend it to anyone going down there!!!! We'll then have 2 days on a park hopper ticket. Then get up in the morning after the 3rd night and run over to the Port! yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Then the cruise begins! Where I loved our Disney Cruises, we have decided to go back to our favorite cruise line, Royal Caribbean. They will have great programs for all 3 of our boys who will be 13, 16 and 21 and they have a casino for me which I have to admit, I did kind of miss on Disney. We've managed to get 2 connecting balcony rooms pillowfight and will be sailing out of Port Canaveral on a 7 day to Cocoa Cay which is one of Royal Caribbean's private islands, then on to Port Charlotte and finish up in St Thomas before heading back to Florida. We don't know what excursions we will take yet, but we have plenty of time to figure those up. Has anyone been to any of these ports? We will be on the cruise for our anniversary proper. muchlove
After we dock back in Florida, we're going to run over to my Mom's for a 6 day visit for a Universal/Cruise recovery break Tired then on to Disney we go! yeah We will be staying in a Nemo room pillowfight at the Art of Animation resort for 6 nights and 7 days. I stayed in the Lion King section last time with my sisters and brother and it was perfect for what we will need it for! Chuck and I will have our own room and bathroom in our family suite which will be great! My little guy loves turtles. They are his favorite animal so we have put in a request to try to get a room that overlooks Crush in the pool area. He would be so super stoked if we were! banana We're getting the hopper pass with the water parks included. We were going for a 5 day pass and we were just going to do the pool and Disney Village first day since it is only a half day and we were going to leave out in the morning of our last day, but our agent told us that for all 5 of us, it was only $106 more to get the 7 day. Well that's a no brainer! We can hit the park 1st day and do a quick run to a favorite ride or 2 before grabbing lunch and being on our way back to NY last day. (boo...)
I know it's 11 months away, but OMG I am so very uberly over the moon excited! Time to find a few tickers for my posts!!! OK Start throwing me any tips and ideas you may have!! I swear, I have never managed it before, but this time I WILL FIND A HIDDEN MICKEY!! silly biggrin

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I am so excited for you and your family!
What a wonderful way to celebrate 12 errr 25 happy years!
Part of the fun is the will be nice that you
will have time to enjoy the process!

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This sounds like an amazing anniversary/family vacation!
The only thing I love as much as Disney World is the wonderful world of Harry Potter! My husband and I have been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure several times. I agree 100% with you that the Hogwarts ride is the best ride ever yay
Once they finish the new additions in the Universal Studios park we will definitely be going yay
This sounds like a vacation your whole family will reminisce about for years to come yeah stars

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What a great family trip for your anniversary. I haven't been to Universal yet. My friends and I are talking about going next year after the new Harry Potter section is complete.


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yay Hoorah for more planning! Looks like you've got a whirlwind trip ready to go!

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We are having a lot of fun with the planning. Fortunately, I get to talk to my husband per skype every night while he is getting up over there before he goes into work. So much better than back in Desert Storm when it was snail mail and a 10 minute broken call once a month!
I think this really helps for him too to have something positive and fun to focus on. Gives him something to look forward to besides just being able to come home in 4 months.
Planning has always been so much of the excitement for us! Not to say that we don't do things a bit spontaneously every now and again, but planning has always to me been a lot of the whole adventure! Hopefully if my Real Estate work picks up a little, I've got a few little perks that I would love to sneak in. The biggest one is to do a vow renewal on the ship! He would have his dress blues already for the formal meals so I could sneak a dress and then propose to him when we pop on board and do it all over. Then we can start at "1 happy year" again! silly biggrin wink

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Wow what a kick butt trip you have planned! We're adding a Universal day into our next trip to see the new HP expansion, too! It sounds like we'll be there around the same time. Royal Carribean is the only cruise line I've ever been on and loved it! You're going to have a fantastic anniversary! congrats