Hi From Gainesville, FL

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Hi From Gainesville, FL

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around here, reading posts, for at lesat 2 months and decided I need to join so I can post too!!!!
I lived about 45 minutes from Disney my whole life until 2003. Now I am in Gainesville, FL and am 2 hours away.
My husband and I just got our very first premium annual passes for our Christmas present to each other this year. I am loving getting to go whenever we want! I can't wait to learn any secrets you guys have for your trips and of course, hear about all the great food (my favorite part) LOL!
I hope everyone has a great day and I am looking forward to meeting you guys on the message boards.
Holly Smile

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WELCOME!!!!!! Glad to have you with us.

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clapping clapping welcome clapping clapping

So glad you joined! So great that you got an annual pass. I think they should come standard when you move to Florida! laugh

How often are you guys managing to go?

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Welcome to the boards! Where's your favorite place to eat in the World? Wink

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Hi!! Hollyanne and welcome to WDWFG and glad you decided to join us. So you live in Gainesville, "Home of the Gatornationals" which was just this past weekend, I'll bet it was busy around there there last week. Been there and done the Gatornationals a few times and always had a great time.


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Welcome! Nice to have another local join us, there's a few of us Sunshine State residents around here. We live in Tampa and have annual passes also. We love having the freedom to go whenever and not feel obligated to spend the whole day. My husband really loves the Flower Power concert series every spring. His goal this year is to see every concert - that means Disney every weekend for 9 more weeks. He saw Jose Feliciano on Sunday. We definitely feel like we get our moneys worth.
You'll learn lots around here, everyone is super nice!



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Welcome to the best Disney forum around Smile


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Welcome! So jealous on how close you are to Disney! Do you have any favorite places to eat? Favorite parks?


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Welcome to the best Disney forum around!


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Welcome & glad you decided to make an appearance! Think you'll like it here. We have one of the most amazing groups of people here.

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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! mickey I am very excited to be here!!!
I was going to say thanks to everyone individually but figured I'll just answer the questions & not type so much!! lol
Brad - I agree 100% about the passes. But then everyone would be moving here!! So far we have been going every other weekend. One of the weekends each month is a one-day trip and the other we go on Friday after work and stay until Sunday night. I'm loving it!

Melissa - I have a TON on my list to try, but so far I love Chefs de France and California Grill. I have read a lot of people don't like San Angel Inn but we ate there 2 weeks ago and loved it. For breakfast, we love characters and go to Cape May or Crystal Palace. Many more to try though!

Vettelover-Yes it was nuts around here during gatornationals! I have never been yet but we will get there sooner or later. Smile LOTS of traffic!!

Mase - to add to the restaurants I told Melissa about....we also try to eat at Pinnochio's now and then and sit by the window for the IASM boats! lol Favorite parks are: EPCOT for the food, Magic Kingdom-just because! Animal Kingdom for Everest and cool theme and Hollywood studios for the awesome rides!!!! (TOT and RRC) Btw, I loved your posts where you asked for help with choosing meals! That was pretty awesome. I can't wait to try WC for breakfast or dinner sometime.

Julie - That is great! You are a little bit closer than us! We are headed over for the weekend this Friday to see the flowers! Not sure if we will see a concer this time but can't wait for the summer ones too! (I am most looking forward to all the Christmas stuff at the parks and the food and wine festival).

Have a great day everyone,
Holly Smile

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Hi Holly and welcome! We're local too - just on the other side of Orlando - and we have weekday passes and love going at that time!

When you go for your weekends, do you stay on property? What's your fave resort?

So the deluxe passes have waterpark entry too, right? Have you been? We love them! So much fun and great theming.