Horse, Headless Horseman take fall at Disney Halloween event

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Horse, Headless Horseman take fall at Disney Halloween event

I'm really glad noone got hurt, especially the horse and CM.

Saw the article posted over at the,0,4399106.story

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Glad no one was hurt

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JoAnn C wrote:
Glad no one was hurt

Same here.


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That was scary. Glad the character and the horse were not injured.

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That was my first reaction. OMG is the horse ok?! I am glad to see they were ok. I am sad for the kids that saw it.

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Wow I'm glad they are ok. That looked like a really hard fall sad

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Och!he needs rubber shoe. Thats's why he does not ride usually after a rain.

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Wow... that was crazy. Kinda looked like the horse tried to take the turn to tight and lost its footing rather than it looked weather related. But glad the horsey and rider were ok.


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Yikes! I can't imagine being the rider and falling that high without even seeing it's coming! Scary!

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Wowser - glad they are both ok and none of the guests were hurt!


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