How Do You Choose Your Room Location?

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How Do You Choose Your Room Location?

I'm working on a project, and I'm wondering, how do you chose your preferred room locations?

Do you ever request specific areas - i.e. higher floors, near elevators, type of view, or specific buildings during your stays? What makes you gravitate to those locations? How often are your requests met? If your request isn't met do you feel that it impacts the enjoyment of your trips? Are you happy with luck of the draw? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Since most of our stays have been at POFQ, I usually make some specific requests.....always a top floor (I hate hate hate hearing people above me - that would ruin my trip), I usually try and get a river view just because it's so gorgeous in the mornings to open the door and see the Sassagola River! That means buildings 1, 2, 5 or 6.

If we stay somewhere else I take a gander at the resort map and try to find out the best areas away from the pool. I'm old and like an afternoon nap and noisy pool activities do not mix with nap time!

I'll also try to figure out the quietest areas away from elevators, ice machines and main points of entry.

And this is why Joe leaves the resort planning to me. Primarily because I am insane...

He's been known to go behind my back if I complain to him that I could not get what I wanted - he will call and sweet talk his way to what I wanted and surprise me when we get there

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It depends on the resort. I almost always use Touring Plan's room finder and play around with the elements I'm looking for. I like to stay on an upper floor, usually as near to bus transportation/lobby as possible without being exposed to a ton of noise. Some of the resorts I will look for a specific view. We just stayed in a standard room at AKL and got a partial savannah view that I requested.

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I do my research of the specific resort. Some of them might even had an independent website that describes basically each room with pros and cons. I do this before even booking the reservations so that way when I do book our reservations the request is on the reservation from the beginning and not changing or adding it later on.


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