How Much Would You Pay to Ride the old Horizons?

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How Much Would You Pay to Ride the old Horizons?

Man I loved that ride. I was sick to death almost when they closed it and very sick that it just sat there unused for so long. I would pay several months wages if there were a time vehicle that would let me go back and ride it again.

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Me too. You can actually view the entire ride on YouTube. Just do a search for it! What about Delta Dream Flight? I think that was the name. What a cool ride! Smile Miss the oldies, but goodies!

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Horizons probably ranks number one all-time for me for Epcot attractions. I know part of that has to do with nostalgia and the fact that I can't do it again, but Test Track and Soarin' are the only ones that might top it.

I've tried designating admission prices for individual attractions before and have found it extremely difficult to do. It's hard for me to say I'd pay around $12-$15 for the best rides, but that's probably in the area of what they should be. That being said, Horizons is extinct so the price has to skyrocket. My wife would kill me, but I'd pay $50. It's considerably short of your several months wages valuation, but yours is the better deal if you get to ride in a time machine, too.

About Delta Dream Flight...I'm trying to differentiate between that and If You Have Wings (was that Eastern?). I think I preferred the original, most likely due to the theme song. I liked them, but I have to say I prefer their replacement with Buzz. It's sweet that we still get to go through the same tunnel, though. Good memories.

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I miss Horizons too, it was one of my favorites.

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I just had lunch with my 2 adult daughters yesterday, and they were wishing they could come along with me (I wish they could too) NEXT SATURDAY to Disney. My oldest asked if Horizons was still there. Of all the parks and rides, she asks about that one. We did love it. mickey

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20 bucks i never rode it but evryone tells me it was the best dark ride disney has created