If You Could Bring It Back: Epcot

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If You Could Bring It Back: Epcot

If you could bring back something that used to be in Epcot, but is now gone, what would it be?

I miss the truly unique shopping experiences. I miss the small handcrafted goods from each country. I hate that today I see the same "Got Wine" tee-shirts in Canada as I do in France, and that they have all been made in China. That's just bunk. When I was little the shopping at Epcot was AMAZING, a true bazaar of world merchandise. I really miss that these days.

I also miss the travel desks. Each of the pavilions used to have a travel desk and I would collect the brochures and dream about traveling to the far off places that the Pavilions represented. I miss the travel desks a lot as well.

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The Tapestry of Nations Parade and the Tapestry of Dreams Parade. I loved them. they were the perfect opening act before Illuminations. It's like when you get the Main St Electric Parade right before Wishes.

I also miss the Ice Cream Social

And of course, Off Kilter.


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Horizons and Body Wars


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World of Motion

I loved this ride!

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Tapestry of Nations and the original Journey Into Imagination

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Allie wrote:
the original Journey Into Imagination


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I would bring back more of the educational elements that seem to have been lost or diluted over the years. It's the only park where they set things up to educate everyone initially and now it's slowly being lost...


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My first trip to WDW was just a little over ten years ago, so I missed early Epcot entirely. However, I would love to see all of the original Future World attractions.

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Off Kilter and the original Imagination


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crazycatperson wrote:
My first trip to WDW was just a little over ten years ago, so I missed early Epcot entirely. However, I would love to see all of the original Future World attractions.

I went a couple times when I was younger but nothing really stands out in my mind. I've only been often the past few years.

I know I will miss Soarin in a couple of weeks. I really hope that they bring it back with maybe a new movie or something! laugh laugh laugh wink


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Horizons - it was my favourite EPCOT ride when I was younger.


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Captain EO laugh

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Off Kilter and Horizons.

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The Tapestry of Nations for sure and Body Wars.


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Count me among those who would like to see the original Journey into Imagination come back!


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Horizons and Malestrom

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The wine tastings / Seminars they youse to have during Food and Wine. The held them at the Oddesey and they were free! The good old days.

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My first visit to Epcot was November 2010. I would like to see some of the attractions that closed prior to that. I wish i had ridden Maelstrom before it closed.