Keys to the Kingdom question

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Keys to the Kingdom question

Hi Everyone,

I'm leaving for Disney World in 6 days. I could not be any more excited! yay

My last trip was Jan '10. I've never been in October before so that makes it even more exciting.

I've booked the Keys to Kingdom tour (again...have I mentioned I'm excited?) but I have a question...

All I have is a confirmation number. The tour is at 9a. Where do I go once I get to MK? What time should I get there? (I'm assuming 8:30a). I feel lost without having a hard ticket and more info...

Thanks! mickey

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I haven't done this tour yet. I hope you come back and tell us all about it! I would Call (407) WDW-TOUR and let them know your concerns. I'm sure that they will be able to let you know where you should meet up and when you should be there.

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Hi nerak, we just did this in June and its great. Yes get there 30 minutes early and go to the left entrance when you enter the Magic Kingdom and the first building on your left is where you want to go. Right next to guest relations. Thats were you start. Be ready to do some walking! Have fun too.

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Awesome! Thanks for the info @MrHub!

@Kristen-I will be sure to report back!

4 more days...the final countdown!! clapping

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I believe that "The Final Countdown" was a song made by the band Europe in the 1980s. Wink

I did the Keys To The Kingdom Tour on December 8, 2003. Tour members meet at the building next to City Hall. There's a lot of walking. The tour included time down in the Utilidors, lunch at Columbia Harbor House, and a couple of rides accessed through the cast member entrances. I believe that the KTTK tour, and the knowledge of the "backstage" part of Disney, actually enhances rather than diminishes the "magic" of a Disney vacation. Cast members work extremely hard (often for low wages) to bring it to you.


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Looks like you've gotten great answers here--I just wanted to say have an AWESOME time! Mrhub and Scrappy made Keys to the Kingdom sound amazing so I know you'll have an awesome time!!


mickey Bella