Kona Cafe Review

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Kona Cafe Review

So we finally did Kona for Lunch, which I'm not sure if we've ever done before. I think we have but I'm not positive. I always think of it as a breakfast place more than anything else, but for lunch I thought it was pretty darn good.

We started off with two appetizers, the Duck Pot Stickers and the Wings:

In both cases we asked the server if they were just like the version at Ohana. He said "no" for both. In the case of the pot stickers he was definitely right. Sadly they were only so-so. Kind of bland.

As far as the wings they were VERY similar to the Ohana version. The primary difference being the spicy mustard they put over the top. Without that I would have thought they were pretty much the same. Which is pretty good.

For my entree, I had the burger. I made a good decision:

The burger was great. It goes on my list of favorite burgers, although it didn't displace any of them. I had it medium rare, which was still pretty well done IMO, but it was a great burger all around.

Finally for desert I had the White Chocolate Cheesecake:

Loved it! Very simple and probably pre-made, but the crust was yummy and the cake was great. It reminded me of something you'd have in a chain restaurant, but it was still wonderful.

I think we'll probably be back to Kona sooner than later and I'll definitely remember whether I've been there next time.

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Wow! I will have to try that burger..it looks great! I love cheeseburgers and I am always looking for new ones to add to my list (I don't think I have any favorite burgers at Disney).

Dave loves the Honey Corriander Wings at Ohana. I actually got the recipe and made them a few times at home. They aren't the same but they are pretty awesome!


mickey Bella

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That burger looks pretty well-done.