Lactaid availability?

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Lactaid availability?

Does anyone know if lactose free milk, Lactaid is available at the resorts or restaurants? My grandson (22m) drinks lactose free milk and I could not find out if it was available throughout the park or at the resorts. I may use a personal shopper to have some delivered to the resort we are staying at along with some fruits and other munchies, in addition to diapers. That way more room in our luggage.

Any ideas on foods you wish you had on hand when you were at the world?


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Disney does a great job at accommodating special diets. Check out this info from the Disney Food blog.

Allergies and Intolerances
Food allergies and intolerances (gluten, wheat, shellfish, soy, lactose, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or eggs) can usually be accommodated at table service restaurants with at least 14 days advance notice. Contact a representative at after booking your ADR. Feel free to speak with the Chef or Restaurant Manager when you arrive the restaurant

Folks in our family have lactose intolerance and we haven't had any difficulties. We usually rent a car and shop for food items before checking into a DVC resort.