Madness for Mickey PART II

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Madness for Mickey PART II

Well, it turns out yesterday was my 60 day window to pick my fast passes for my upcoming Food & Wine Festival (Adults Only) Boardwalk Villas stay from 05-10 November. awesome yay

It turns out I overslept by a half hour for the 1100 CDT kickoff FP bonanza.. confused eek

Long weekend Soccer Tourney had me with about 9 hours sleep for last two nights combined... Anyway, I pop up at 1130 CDT, and proceed to logon to my Kindle lickety split!! laugh Come to find out my Kindle was not charging and at 3%!! eek I figured try and get what I can before the Kindle dies on me...

Day 1: EPCOT late arrival... 8:00 - 9:00 PM Test Track... Got what I wanted... Hooray!! Day one done!! Partaketh in late evening activities at Food & Wine Festival.. Let the FUN BEGIN!!! yeah

Day Two... Hollywood Studios... Early Breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine In.... Early Toy Story Mania... Nabbed it no problem... 9:15 - 10:15 AM, followed by Rock-n-rollacoaster (11:00 - 12:00 PM), and then Tower of Terror (12:10 - 1:10PM).. Off to EPCOT for late afternoon F&W Festival fun!! Back to Hollywood for opening night of Osbourne Lights (My Favorite!!!)

Day Three - EPCOT Mexican Tequila Lunch pairing at noon... Soarin' at 0950-1050 AM; and whatever else after Tequila lunch..

Day Four - Hollywood Studios: Rock-N-Rollacoaster at 0905-1005; Star Tours 1015-1115; Tower of Terror 1125-1225PM.. Back to EPCOT for F&W Festival

Day Five - Magic Kingdom: 7DMT 0935-1035AM; BTMR 1050-1150; Jungle Cruise 12:15-1:15 PM.. Got exactly what I wanted... Back to EPCOT for Food and Wine Festival fun!! awesome

Day Six - (Ubiquitous last day park) mickey Magic Kingdom mickey : 7DMT 0910-1010; Buzz Lightyear 1015 - 1115; BTMR 1130-1230PM; Some souvenir shopping for family; Back to Boardwalk Villas to catch Magic Disney Express for airport.. sad

I seriously lucked out getting every single ride/attraction my wife and I wanted from Fastpass.. A first!!! Also, our first use of the 60 day window... I must say, 60 days, beats 30 days, no doubt!!!! They really do need to rethink the 30 day FP window for annual pass holders.. yuck confused

Anyway, I'm totally pleased with how my FP selections went last night... yay mickey

BTW, My son's U-12 Select Soccer team's(Football for those of you in the UK) tourney went well.. He ended up leading goal scorer for the tourney and his team finished 2nd place. Not bad for a team that has only played together for the past 6 weeks.

November 05 can't get here soon enough!! waiting yay banana

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Sounds like a great trip! And bravo to your son-leading goal scorer is awesome!

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That sounds like an amazing trip planned! And congrats you your son Laughing out loud

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sounds like a great trip. congratulations to your son and his team.


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Glad you got all the FPs you were hoping for! Congrats to your son and his team!


** BeLiNdA **

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congrats to both you and your son! You're in the home stretch now! F&WF will be here before you know it!