Magical Squirrelly Adventure - Day Three: EPCOT

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Magical Squirrelly Adventure - Day Three: EPCOT

I was up at 7:00 AM after going to sleep around 2ish. Took ABU's to MK, transferred to the monorail to EPCOT. It was unseasonably cold,. I was a bit of a squirrelsicle when a nearly empty monorail arrived. Bought a much needed coffee prior to park open, then walked onto Spaceship Earth, which was interesting, though honestly the mechanics of the ride interested me more than its content.
My first fast pass was for Test Track, which easily lived up to its hype, though I could have done without the 'design a car' aspect. The ride acceleration was impressive.
I then bought a much-needed hoodie as it was still rather chilly. Next up was Mission: SPACE - Orange. It was very fun, I'm not sure what people are complaining about; the best thing about it was its intensity.
Went to Club Cool to try the dreaded Beverly. It is icky horrid stuff, fit only for Heffalumps and Woozles!
Also did Turtle Talk with Crush, which was fun and funny. Saw a Manatee!

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Ah, Epcot. Love that place. muchlove

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Oooh man, I just can't handle Mission Space. We've tried it twice now and never again! yuck

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Allie wrote:
Oooh man, I just can't handle Mission Space. We've tried it twice now and never again! yuck

Should have tried it before they tuned it down some, now that was a ride. They used to close it for NASA pilots in training. Thats when it was fun!!!!!! Even the intense side now is not like it first was. Also I must be a Woozle, I don't mind Beverly.

Hope things warmed up for you.

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You are by far our favorite Woozle, hubs! Smile

I just watched one of those Disney Parks special that featured EPCOT, and now I read your report - this makes me smile thanks for sharing!

I agree - the design feature at Test Track could go away.

We did the orange side of Mission Space before it was toned down - thought I as going to die. We did the green side on our list trip and thought it was super gentle. We just hate that A/C blowing right on your forehead the whole time. I always walk off with a headache because of that.

Keep having a blast!