Mickey's Philharmagic

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Mickey's Philharmagic

When I showed my wife the Philharmagic page on the Disney site she didn't seem very interested and doesn't want to do it. I don't recall when I did it, and don't remember how fun it was. Is it something that I should convince my wife to do or skip it? It's her first trip, so obviously she's never done it.


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I did Philharmagic for the first time in 2010, not sure I need to do it again. However if it was really hot and I wanted to take a break in some a/c (or a nap) this might be a good place to do it. LOL!

I know a lot of people who adore it, but it's not a "must do" for me.

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Fun 3D show full of classic Disney Scenes and some surprise elements. If you haven't done it, that definitly do it. I personaly do it often, and I enjoy it every time. Plus that wait isn't usually that long and there is AC. What's not to love.

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This is one of my favorites. We do not do it every trip, but we do do it a lot.

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It's one of my favorite also. You definitely should convince her to see it.



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It's also one of our favorites and we do it every trip. It's fun and it's a great sit-down break in the nice A/C. And rarely much of a wait.

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I enjoy it. It is a fun show.


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We go and see it at least 3 times every trip. It's an ace show, classic Disney fun. The AC is a welcome break but the apple pie is still the best effect by far. Defo my favourite show in MK, maybe even WDW.



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Its a pretty cool show and you get a bit of a rest. You need to try it if you have the time.


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I love it because I'm a huge Donald Duck fan. So to me its a must every year. Plus in my opinion... it showcases the best 3D available in the parks.


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Mase wrote:
I love it because I'm a huge Donald Duck fan. So to me its a must every year. Plus in my opinion... it showcases the best 3D available in the parks.

Definitely is an awesome 3D movie! I think you should do it, at least gotta see it once.


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Last year, I stopped for FastPasses to another Fantasyland attraction (don't recall if it was Winnie the Pooh or Peter Pan's Flight), and a surprise FastPass also popped out for Mickey's Philharmagic. As it happened, I had already seen it that day, but what the heck - I went again. So maybe get your FastPasses at another attraction and if the extra surprise FastPasses for Philharmagic also pop out, let that make your decision yea or nay.

I think it's worth seeing once a trip, if only to watch the little kids trying to grab the flying objects, or seeing some woman with big hair in front of you getting a "buzz cut."

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I think you should do it. If yall dont enjoy it well at least you had a little time off of your feet in the AC! I loved it when I went but everyone is different and the only way for you to know is if you try it mickey



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Good question! I don't know if I ever recall doing this one either so I'll have to add it to our must do list for this trip!

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Love this one. It had just opened on our first trip and we have made it a must do on all of them. Never tire of it. awesome

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love this ride.... And like others have said I think its one of the best 3d shows in the parks


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I remember reading about it in trip planning, and not really understanding what it was. A. . . 3D movie? I'm not really a big fan of 3D gags, so I was only mildly interested. But it was surprisingly one of my favorite things of the day--probably because of the strong Donald presence.

So I think it's worth a try.


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I have never been to Philharmagic but plan to make it a must. Another thing to add to my loooooooooooooooong list!

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I like it. It is very cute AND air conditioned!


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Short break in A/C. Cute. Easy to get in with no line. Classic characters. If it's your first time it's a must do. Sometimes if you go get a fastpass early in the morning you can get a bonus fastpass for this attraction (even though you never really need it)


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Everything needs to be experienced at least once IMO so there's no real excuse NOT to try it, she never know she might really enjoy it! It's a firm fave with our group, quick line, comfy seats, great a/c break, classic disney scenes with some great special effects and by far the best 3D in the parks,


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