Monsters University Trailer

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Monsters University Trailer

I heard that this Monsters University trailer is playing before Brave! Can't wait for this!

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Looks and sounds hilarious.


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Looks great! Can't wait for this to come out. Going to see BRAVE this wknd.

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Only two more days until we see Brave, trying to hold out and not watch it online first. silly


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Cool...we didn't go to the preview night so I'm going Sunday to see Brave


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I'm going to try to see Brave Friday afternoon.


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Don't know when we're seeing it to be honest...


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I think I'm going to see it next Wednesday! yay But I'm now ready for summer 2013 for Monsters University!

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I saw the teaser! Yes please! But it does make me question why my university experience wasn't that fun

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We saw brave tonight and the preview for monsters university was hilarious