The Muppets

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The Muppets

Was anyone able to see the new movie, The Muppets? I was very thankful to Jason Segal for bringing the fuzzy guys in a big way. We just watched it this weekend, and both my husband and I thought they did a great job with it. We've been humming the songs all weekend. Smile

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I thought it was great too! We only watched it a few weeks ago.


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We loved it, Richard is a HUGE muppet fan, (back to me being the wiener) they used to scare me when I was small. BUT NOT ANYMORE.


So yes we totally agree lol


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I'm I grew up with it and I'm a Muppets freak lol. I think Jason Segal did an amazing job at reawakening everyone's love for the Muppets...I was all teary eyed by the end and my gf was making fun of me mickey

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I saw the movie on opening day. I loved it. I need to buy the DVD so I can watch it again and again and again.


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I won it on here! yay yay yay yay yay

I love love love that movie! Me and my mom always watched the Muppet Show while I was growing up, so I've always loved them.

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LOVE the movie and have watched it a few times since it came out on DVD! So glad it's back and there will be another one!

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YES! We saw it in the theater with some friends and loved it. Brought back wonderful memories of the Muppet Show from when we were kids. Not going to lie, I lost it a few times, namely at the shot of the Electric Mayhem bus during the studio tour.


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We saw it shortly after it came out in the theatre. Loved it! I think I laughed out loud more than a few times. Really well done IMO.

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Saw it too. I LOVED IT! They did an amazing job introducing those loveable characters to a whole new generation!


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We saw it in theaters and have it on dvd and watch it frequently....We love the songs to....and my daughter who is 3 would be part of that new generation of muppet lovers...she watches them all even the old muppet movies and the muppet show


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Yup... the movie rocked. Hands down. "Ive got everything that I need!"


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I loved it and the adult jokes

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Saw it in the cinema when it was released, my wife & I really liked and bought it two weeks ago when it came out on DVD.

But............ I've just watched the trailer for Disney Pixars 'Monsters University'. AWESOME awesome



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