MVMCP 2013 Magic Mirror's First Christmas in The World!

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Later in the night we stopped by for a drink of this wonderful stuff:

We called it a night and went back to the room to pack.
The next afternoon we would be heading home.

The next morning we got up, packed, dropped off our luggage for ME.
We went back to downtown Disney and met my friend who now lives in
Florida at Earl of Sandwich.

Amy had the All American with turkey, cheddar, cranberries, lettuce,
tomato and ranch dressing.

I had the Italian with salami, capicola, roasted ham, mortadella, mozzarella,
tomato and italian dressing.

we wanted the strawberry shortcake but they were out- so this is what we
ended up with

We got to talk and visit with my friend,, we took a boat ride to POR just to keep talking
in the shade...then rode it back...then it was time to come back for the ME and head
to the airport.

The ride home was smooth...

We went from 83 degrees to 13 degrees in Chicago when we landed.

So that my friends, is our trip report for 2013 yay

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Ah we have reached that bittersweet day where you get to check off the trip report on your "to do" list but now you have no more fun trip report to write and you have to do boring real world stuff. I'm glad that you guys were able to get such awesome seats for Ashley Judd!! WHat a great trip memory that will be! Thanks for sharing with us--I had a wonderful time on your virtual trip! clapping mickey


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Great Trip Report! Thanks for sharing it with us!



Great TR! I'm now very hungry......

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Great report. I'm sad to see it end, I enjoyed reading it so much!

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Thank you everyone ~ I wish I had that Earl of Sandwich right now!

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Super report MM! So sorry Amy felt bad. Loved coming along. mickey

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I suddenly went from impatiently waiting for more MM TR to be extremely behind in a matter of days! As always, your pictures are lovely! That food at Mara and Boardwalk Cafe looked amazing! So sorry to hear about your bummer parade's absolutely incredible how rude people can be. It's clearly all about them and shame on you for ruining their vacation by having staked out a spot they wanted first! Grrr...

What a crazy coincidence that both you and Alice had sick spouses on the same day! Couldn't have worked out better! Well maybe it would have been better if neither were sick, but you know what I mean! Great TR! When are you going back? wink

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Excellent trip report! Your writing style made me feel like I was right there Smile Very much a bummer about the Magic Band issues, the parade/party crashers with their bad attitudes, and especially about Amy. Glad she was able to recover some, to enjoy the remainder of the trip. I get hellish migraines as well, so I really understand that kind of "Owwww."

Your pictures were beautiful...and all the food porn was just so yummy looking! Yeah, I'm ready to get me some of those good eats Big smile

Thank you *so much* for sharing your experiences!