"New Fantasyland" Is Finally Complete, What Do You Think?

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"New Fantasyland" Is Finally Complete, What Do You Think?

Now that all of the pieces to the Magic Kingdom's "New Fantastyland" are in place from the castle walls to the Storybook Circus - what do you think? Are you enjoying the expansion? Do you have a favorite part? Do you think the additions have eased crowds in other areas? Do you feel that any of it is a waste of space or doesn't live up to its potential?

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It doesn't live up to the hype, that's for sure. But I think it lives up to its potential. I think the fault is with us; we expected it to be freaking, unbelievably, amazingly awesome, and it's merely awesome without the modifiers.

We haven't eaten at BOG yet or ridden the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, and I'm sure they're both wonderful. Storytime with Belle was underwhelming, but is probably amazing for little kids and their parents. Under the Sea is pretty cool. I love the theming of both areas, the fairytale section and the circus section. Bottom line, I'm glad they created the Fantasyland expansion.

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That is a really good question to consider. I mean, there are so many ways to look at it. You can ask yourself was replacing Mickey's Toontown Fair entirely necessary or did the Magic Kingdom park overall needed new attractions as a starting point.

Where I stand is that New Fantasyland was not necessarily a much needed attraction space in the MK compared to Cars Land in California Adventure because California Adventure needed big ticket attractions to improve their own park and the Magic Kingdom was already the most visited theme park in the world. I like to think of New Fantasyland as an accessory that you don't really want or really need, but it's one where "it would be nice to have" so to speak. I'm sure some will say the sole purpose of New Fantasyland to counter Wizarding World of Harry Potter but that is debatable.

It's a mixed bag is what I'd say in general. I'm glad at least symbollically, the princesses are now where they really belong. Aside from that, I have to say the area is nice to see if you've never seen it before. The aesthetics and details are top notch...if you're willing to appreciate them, that is. The queues of all the rides are very well thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed the Little Mermaid ride as a whole and the pork shank is very tasty at Gaston's Tavern. But I do think overall, aesthetics is probably New Fantasyland's biggest asset.

At the same time, I can definitely understand the criticism from it. Some have argued the area is heavily pre-school targeted given the Enchanted Tales of Belle attraction, the alterations made on the Little Mermaid ride from the original concepts and adding a second Dumbo ride system to name a few. And a lack of attractions for the young males? I do think that the new area may have been a tough sell for me if I was a 5-7 year old boy because there is not really much in my interests over there so I can somewhat understand why people would feel that way. I'm sure there are others but those are probably the two biggest points of criticism I've heard.

I've come to terms that you'll appreciate things more if you consider a fan or have great interest in seeing an attraction. If you like the films and characters represented in New Fantasyland, you'll appreciate it a lot more. If not, you probably won't.


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I like the tent that sells the caramel apples best.

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As a hard core fan it was nice to see but it's not why we go back so often.


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I like New Fantasyland, but like Frozen is now, it is definitely overhyped. I don't care for Under the Sea at all. The animatronics are the "most sophisticated ever", but I can't tell. I think it looks like any other movie ride through would/does look. There's nothing terrible about it, but I find it somewhat boring as an attraction. I do enjoy Enchanted Tales with Belle. I'm not going to go all the time, but it is definitely cute and endearing and the effect with the mirror in the beginning is really cool. I like the new Dumbo--double the Dumbos, double the fun--and the water feature is nice. Barnstormer is great, but I wish it was a longer ride. We've eaten at BOG (lunch only). I like it and I would go back, but if I can't get in, it wouldn't wreck my vacation. Its cool, but there are lots of other restaurants to try, too. We just rode 7DMT this past weekend and without spoiling the TR, I will say that this is definitely my favorite part of New Fantasyland. Although I find the attractions themselves to be somewhat lacking in grandeur, I think that the theming in New Fantasyland is amazing. The attention to detail really makes this new land come together.


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story book circus looks beautiful at night. My fiance loves arial, BOG is great the theming is perfect but for me for to work from pooh to the castle needs a refurb with building facades like disneyland or disneyland paris. the carnival look is very meh..