New Jolly Holiday up, all about movies

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New Jolly Holiday up, all about movies

Our latest column was posted today all about why Disney movies are so great.

I'm sorry I got a little "academic," that's just where my mind goes when analyzing things.

It drives Caitie crazy.

Maybe that's a topic for another column -- how to survive each other's Disney quirks....


Let us know what you think!


Zipadeedoodah -- yeah, man

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Great job guys!

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Loved the article! What a great topic, and a thorough job looking at it.

Discussing "dealing with your partner's annoying tendencies" while on vacation is another great topic! laugh

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Saw it the other day on the front page - can't wait to read it! (I understand, Jason. I can't read a book or watch a movie without analyzing it...drives DH crazy. That's one reason I didn't do grad school. I was afraid I'd completely destroy my ability just to read a book for pleasure Smile )


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Yay! I liked your last one a lot! Ill have to go read it now!


mickey Bella