mouse world radio on the iphone..

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mouse world radio on the iphone..

Anyone else have this?

I just downloaded the app a few days ago. Every time I start the app its Illuminations.

Personally, I did not like this show, maybe I just dont get it.

However, if you have the app, how soon does it go to other music? If I keep getting Illuminations, I am so deleting this app.

Thank you for your time. yay

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Have you put it on around the same time each time? I know he plays Illuminations when it is going on in WDW.

If you are having any issues, i would suggest going to the website or asking him on facbeook. He is pretty good about getting back to messages!

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Awww....Illuminations is my favorite!

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Oh I dont have that one..ill have to go check that out!


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