New member! :)

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New member! :)

Hey everyone! I am so excited to start exploring this site! I worked at Walt Disney World from January through May of 2010 on the Disney College Program! I was in merchandise at Disney's Hollywood Studios! (Everything from package pick up and stroller rental at the front of the park to all of the gift shops on the right side of Hollywood Boulevard and the hat!) I am currently a Campus Representative for the Disney College Program which means that I talk other students into applying for the program that changed my life! When I first started at Disney, my roommate was a huge Disney fan and I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to be so passionate about it, but I proved myself wrong! I am in LOVE with Disney and everything that it stands for Smile I am looking forward to being able to share things with you guys and learning new tips from everyone as well!!!

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Welcome BFor10! We are a great group of people who love Disney Smile Feel free to start commenting and sharing your cast member tips! I was also on the program that same time and it changed my life as well! mickey

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welcome You have found the best and friendliest Disney forum on the net. Enjoy what we hope will be MANY visits here we are always receptive to tips and hints.And we are always willing to tell all the things that we have found.


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Hey there and welcome to the boards! Glad to hear working there made you love it more, I've heard it can affect people both ways. Smile

Do you live close to WDW?

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Hi there BFor10! Welcome to the boards!

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Welcome! Glad to have you here!


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Welcome welcome!!!

We love hearing from Disney cast members!! This is a great place to be!


mickey Bella

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Welcome to the board! It is really fun with a ton of amazingly nice people!

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Hello there, welcome to the board! I am also a former castmember (ICP Main Street East Merch) and it was great fun! You are so lucky that you live in America so there are more options for you to continue working for Disney biggrin Are you planning on going back soon?




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So exciting to have you here! What was your favorite part about working at WDW?


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Howdy! Welcome to WDWFG!

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Hi, hello and welcome! That's so dang cool that you got to work there under the College Program. mickey

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Cool! Welcome! Excited to hear more about your college program and future WDW trips!

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welcome BFor10, always glad to have a new member!
Woohoo! 17 days till we're back at our "Happy Place!

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Cheers to you, I can't wait to her your tips and ideas


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I know of a couple college program kids who stayed on full-time with WDW! What a fun time! I bet there are a lot of couples who meet and marry through the Disney College Program. muchlove




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