New Poll - Mama Melrose or 50's Prime Time Diner?

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New Poll - Mama Melrose or 50's Prime Time Diner?

Since your feedback thus far has been split, I'll just ask all of you to choose one or the other..

You don't have to give a reason or explanation, or even have eaten at either place. Word of mouth or reading reviews will suffice in this poll.. Thanks!!

Top Vote getter by Sunday, 31 January, will be the place I make reservations for on our 9-day trip to Disney in 10 short days!! yay


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I've not heard the best word of mouth reviews for Mama Melrose, so I picked Prime Time.

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I've never been to Mama Melrose, but I like 50's Prime Time. It's certainly not my favorite on property, but it's my go-to if I want table service at DHS.


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We have eaten at Mama Melrose's a couple of times and enjoyed it. We've never eaten at 50's Prime Time Diner, so I based my vote on where we have eaten. I'm sure you can't go wrong with either. mickey

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50's is a must do for us. It's the best sit down in DHS of course having Dad's Lounge doesn't hurt either


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Voted for 50's because we have eaten there

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I have eaten at both and hands down we love Mama Melrose's. Great food and service.

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Mama Melrose's is awesome in my opinion. We did the Fantasmic special dinning there and it was great! Our waiter was awesome and the food was delicious. My mom said he steak was the best one she had the whole trip! And we had great seats for Fantasmic, I think we are going to do this again when we go in September. I happened to be SUPER sick the night we ate there and I still ate everything, I had an appetizer or Bruschetta and then I had a wild mushroom flat bread it was all really good and didn't want to stop eating it, but my stomach was so... upset! Looking forward to eating there again, when I am not sick!
I have personally never eaten at 50's Prime Time, but I haven't always heard the best things, its kind of mix review I guess.