A Nice Article for Gamers

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A Nice Article for Gamers

A nice article for the gamers out there that chronicles Disney's many attempts (and failures) to figure out the fickle gaming industry. I've never quite understood why they haven't been able to get it together on this front.


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Thanks for sharing. I must admit I've tried Disney gaming on many platforms over the years but they never quite hit the spot for me (might be because of the type of games I prefer)

Personal opinion is I have go to brands for gaming as I do with most other things, my heart is dedicated to Nintendo and the character ranges (mario, Pokemon ect (although Infinity never really took off for me) and has been since the 90's. Disney for me is movies and theme parks (including the merch that goes with it), however I will try a Disney game if it comes my way but I can't think of a way to get the next big game to be a Disney one....

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I think it's tough for Disney because generally speaking, video games based on movies don't exactly sell very well. It's probably because it doesn't have the "re-play" factor or a game people would most likely play again. Sports video games or first person shooters like Halo have a bigger appeal because you can always have re-matches afterwards, not to mention, it appeals more to the adolescents.
Mobile games are also always adding new levels or new spin-offs of their best sellers so there's more of an incentive to keep playing.

Kingdom Hearts may be the one exception but I think being able to expand beyond the physical consoles and discs is key for a video game franchise to stay relevant these days.


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