Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

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Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

Some new stills and concept art from Disney's Beauty and the Beast are out! Are you looking forward to this movie?


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BatB is my favorite Disney movie! I have such high hopes for this movie. The stills and the glimpse of Lumier and Cogsworth are amazingly spot on. Lumiere looks very graceful while Cogsworth looks regal but clumsy all at once. I want that picture to move!!!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and when I heard "Hermione", Emma Watson, was going to be Belle I about lost my mind! I have liked Maleficent and Cinderella and with that being said and getting a bit of a look, it seems they are on the right track at this point.

I can't wait for the first full trailer!!!!


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I am looking forward to the movie


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I am not a movie person at all. However...I am excited to see this one.

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I can't wait!