Nicholas Cage as your favorite Disney Princesses

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Nicholas Cage as your favorite Disney Princesses

Hilarious....I think the one that disturbs me most is Ariel...LOL


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Creepy. And I'm with you, Ariel was the creepiest.

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eek I don't know that I have words...

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ACK! (is that a word?) Thanks for the morning giggle Jess!


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gaah eek yuck eek yuck


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*Shudders* Ariel and Pocahontas are definitely the ones that got me the most

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Haha! Posted this on Twitter yesterday. So funny.


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There are not enough words to describe how creepy those pictures are. Nicolas Cage needs to stay as Nicolas Cage. eek yuck Sick

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Jasmine was pretty darn creepy too. He was winking at me.... Argh!

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rolling That was pretty funny