Not sure where this would go - Spa/Massages?

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Not sure where this would go - Spa/Massages?

My sister-in-law and I were thinking of treating my mother-in-law to a massage or some spa treatment to say thanks for paying for our rooms on this trip. I see which resorts have those options, but the reviews are soooo mixed. Does anyone have any personal experiences or recommendations they can share? Thanks!


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I have not personally but i have a friend that went to the spa at ssr and said it was excellent


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My wife went to the SSR resort and and she loved it. Now I could absolutely be wrong but I thought I read that the GF spa is temporarily closed due to construction of the the DVC portion of GF.


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When it comes to massage, reviews are always going to be very mixed because it's such a personal experience. Sometimes it's everything you want, and sometimes it's horrific. A massage experience has as much to do with your state of mind as it does the therapist and the type of massage you order.

The Spa at the GF is closed right now, and will be through the DVC construction. That's the only one that I have personal experience with and I was very pleased there. The Saratoga Springs spa is where they were telling people to go before it closed. It's also a Niki Bryan Spa.

The Massage Center at Animal Kingdom Lodge (run by Niki Bryan) has won awards in the past, and a readers choice from Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. They only do massage there.

The spa at the Dolphin is a Mandara Spa, which is a very well known spa company. I haven't been there myself but Mandara has an excellent name in the business, and they run the Grand Californian Spa which gets high marks.